From Howard Luks M.D., founder of 365 Warrior.


Throughout my years I have provided useful and relevant information to over 10 million readers. My focus is always how to help others improve themselves:




It is such a privilege to be given the opportunity and perhaps the responsibility to help you improve your understanding of your condition.  Perhaps even more important, it is equally fulfilling when I hear from you about how my writing has helped you improve your mind, body and spirit in the course of your life’s journey.

There is no doubt: our lives have become very busy.  In that respect my life is not different than yours.  I continually search for means to help make my days happier, healthier, more fulfilling and more productive.  Being active is a key component of being happy.  The science supports this.  My own experience supports this. And the thousands of emails I receive support this.

After all… we don’t smile because we are happy – We are happy because we smile! We must choose to be happy. One major component of that is to lead an active lifestyle. To get out on the road, to walk a quiet wooded path, to crush ourselves in pursuit of 26.2 miles or an Ironman triathlon.   We athletes come in all shapes and sizes.  We have different goals and desires.  But we all want to remain healthy to be able to remain active.  Yes, activity as part of a healthy lifestyle leads to healthy consequences. We all have occasional setbacks, and occasional injuries.

·      How do we prevent them?

·      How do we overcome them?

·      Can we run if we have arthritis?


My presence online as an Orthopedic Surgeon has assisted many in their quest to become active, to remain active, and to be a source of support when you’re trying to achieve your goals.

I try to approach most every situation with a positive outlook and intention.  I believe that comes through to the vast majority of patients who crossed the threshold into my office and for those of you who arrived by my website. Who wants to see a grumpy old doctor after you just waited 45 minutes in their waiting room.

You want a physician who walks the walk – who practices what they preach.  I will understand your goals better than my more sedentary colleagues.  I am a 365 Warrior!




As life becomes more complex we risk losing sight of its more important aspects. The most important asset you have is your health.  We need to learn to live smarter, not harder.  We want to be better than we were yesterday.  When you seek to improve yourself you will also be i improving the lives of those around you.

We at 365 Warrior are here to support you in your endeavors.  We will provide timely and actionable information to assist you in achieving your goals.  As we seek to improve ourselves it is at times difficult to find information or products that we can trust.  We will help you source health products and nutritional support products that you feel might assist you in your goal of living a healthier and more active life.  We will help you learn to utilize wearables to track and monitor your activities.  When those achy joints strike we will offer you a line of quality compression wear to help get them to settle down.  We are here as a partner in your journey.


> Howard

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